martes, 2 de febrero de 2010


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andrewed dijo...

Hi, Bernardita,

I enjoyed meeting you and designing with you at Ñame's house last week. I hope your trip home was safe and that your life in Santiago is not too disturbed by the quake.

After you left, I saw the sticky I gave you about magnets on the sofa. It must have not been sticky enough! You had written a note to yourself on it, so I thought I'd rewrite it all to you:

My note:
rare earth magnets: "neodymium" (with "alnica" crossed out.)

Your note on the back:
magnet comprar bolsa de magnetos -cho (- looks like cen or dn or something)

I just had another thought about the magnets. The neodymium magnets are so strong that in the act of pulling a painting off the metal sheet behind, it could make a small crease in the laminated painting. Thus (maybe) a small piece of the same sheet should be taped to the back of the painting between the magnet and the painting as a reinforcement for the painting. I also think you should try first the smallest one you can find. Here is an example I found online:

I like your impressionistic, almost abstract paintings. This one grabbed my attention

I also saw part of your video. Are those the cutouts you told me about? The effect of the paintings almost floating on the wall without a background or frame is really striking. And they're huge! (I guess one painting needs more than one magnet.) Fantastic work. Thank you.

I hope you are liking my booklet. Please send me any thoughts or comments you have about it (use contact form on my site).

Best wishes with your work.

Yours truly,
independent researcher in philosophy, health, & design
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